Pumpkin & Liver Dog Treats

Pumpkin & Liver Dog Treats

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Pumpkin is excellent for helping with your dog’s digestive health and managing their weight. We blend locally sourced Pumpkin with fresh Chicken Liver. The liver gives the healthy dog treat, an added boost of Vitamins and Minerals, which are vital for your best friend’s diet.

Our natural dog treats, are slowly baked to a golden brown and accompanied with natural Dehydrated Pumpkin slices and finely sliced Crunchy Dehydrated Beef Liver crisps, to ensure your pooch enjoys a variety of healthy snacks.


Fresh Chicken Liver, Pumpkin, Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour, Rice Flour, Homemade Chicken Broth, Dehydrated Beef Liver Crisps, Free Range Eggs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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